Let’s remember Assange is no hero

A quick post derived from frustration.

Today, Holmes Wilson of Fight for the Future, curated TechDirt's weekly highlights. He leads by noting the resisted extradition orders by New Zealand for Kim Dotcom and Ecuador for Julian Assange as victories. But let’s be clear: Assange is not being called to Stockholm to answer for his role in Wikileaks, his extradition is being requested by Sweden so Assange can answer charges of sexual assault. This is not a crime of ideology. This extradition request is not about the free and open spread of information through the web or good governance. This is about determining whether a man attacked two women. That should never be condoned.

Holmes is a friend and frequent collaborator. He has done spectacular work helping ensure the internet remains robust and free. Unfortunately, however, his views here, as shared by many activists, forget that this extradition is NOT about Wikileaks.

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JOBS Update, as promised

Last night Engine Advocacy sent out the first of its hopefully frequent Legislative Updates, addressing the JOBS Act and Startup Act. Mike Masnick of TechDirt also posted his latest thoughts, which include discussion of the amendments announced yesterday by Senator Wyden that would add a number of trade-related provisions to the bill. Here’s the NYT’s coverage.

Some have argued this is the Senate Democrats’ way of bringing attention to the bill. Others see it as a way to kill it off by adding in very controversial issues that would force a Presidential veto.

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